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  • Interview: Paul Dean and Simon Roth on Maia.

    You were one of the early, shock Kickstarter successes. How much pressure are you feeling from that? Paul: Personally, it’s a feeling of considerable obligation. There’s always the awareness that people have already paid you, that they’ve invested up front, and now it’s your job to justify that financial faith they’ve put in you. And […]

  • Interview: Transgaming & CCP on Mac Gaming

    Interview: Transgaming & CCP on Mac Gaming

    To the tune of: Tim Curry – Sweet Transvestite Another interview that I felt guilty about woefully under-using in a feature. Still about making games for Apple Mac, but this time I was talking with Transgaming, who convert PC games to Mac for large publishers and developers, and with CCP, who’ve used Transgaming to transfer […]

  • Interview: James Brown, Ancient Workshop

    This is an interview I had left over from a feature, and it seems a shame to waste it. It’s with a Mac developer, James Brown, who is the entire staff of Ancient Workshop and it’s about Mac gaming. To the tune of: Belle and Sebastian – Funny Little Frog Tell me about you. I […]