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I lead narrative design, wrote background lore, quest and faction creation for Sloclap’s inventive fighting game.

We wrote an ARG for the launch of Sega’s well-received sci-fi strategy sequel, in which the in-game character Enfer (an errant AI) broke into our world.

I had great fun creating the faction design, diplomacy dialogue and flavour text for this Civilization-style turn-based strategy game.

Lead narrative designer and writer on this dystopian fantasy action-adventure. Work on this also included character creation, writing for voiceover and trailers. I also managed all the voice recording sessions.

Quest dialogue, item and building descriptions, tutorial writing and English localisation for Eden Games’ driving sim.

I did narrative design and all the writing for this 4x game with Proxy Studios. I wrote short fiction, dialogues, barks, item descriptions and created the backstory for the world and factions.