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To the tune of: Kraftwerk – The Robots Here’s the transcript of an interview for Rock, Paper, Shotgun I did with Chris Rippy, Producer, Robot Entertainment (formely Ensemble, creators of Age of Empires) about their new game Orcs Must Die; the original preview is here: Why a tower defence game, not another RTS? Good question. In […]

To the tune of: Various Artists – A Visit To A Sad Planet Gareth Garratt is curled up in his wheelchair, his body secured in a bucket seat while his hands clutch at the side of a desktop. His chin is pressed down onto a Toshiba mouse and he’s using that to control a virtual […]

Eurogamer Front Page 02/07/08, originally uploaded by Hot Grill. Look, I just wanted to use a Wired-style complete hyperbollicks title, okay? God, I hate forumites. Anyway, my big interview with the creators of StarCraft is online over at Eurogamer, finally. Childhood ambition complete (tick!) Eurogamer Front Page 02/07/08