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For a quick piece I wrote for the Guardian, about developing games in the developing world, I talked to Asi Burak, co-President of GamesForChange. What is Games for Change? Firstly, to define our unique role and mission: Games for Change (G4C) is not a game studio.  In some exceptional cases, like the Half the Sky […]

Two quarts of Bertolli. 55 cans of fizzy pop. Several bottles of wine. Two cartons of apple juice. Four trays of assorted dips (no nachos). Bananas, crisps, oranges. Jam. Bread. Uncountable bottles of cheap beer. Five empty pizza boxes spilling out of overfilled bins. Twenty assorted laptops and associated smelly men. This is the content […]

This is an interview with the anonymous modder Vorians, who’s worked on the Unique Landscapes and Better Cities mods for The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion. I was interviewing him to talk about Skyrim for this piece on What Modder’s Want for Gamespy, but he didn’t reply in time, so I’ve posted it here.

It’s 1941 and Nazi Germany has just invaded the USSR, its erstwhile ally. SS counter-intelligence soon detects a range of radio signals from communist and socialist sympathisers, embedded at all levels of European society. Since the SS call transmitters ‘piano’ and supervisors ‘conductors’, they name this nascent resistance network the Rote Kapelle – the Red Orchestra. Despite early successes, it’s soon crushed.