Month: August 2005

  • Opus Table Football Want one! WANT ONE NOW! The best table football table in the world… they will cast the faces of your friends and family as the footballers, and paint them and everything. Must cost thousands… <img Height = 358 Wisht=242 SRC=";

  • we make money not art: Strawberry milk sausages: “When I was a kid and too young to complain, my mum cooked us one of her specialities, les peches au thon: peaches fresh from the tin and ‘filled’ with tuna mayonnaise. It doesn’t mean I’m ready to eat these sausages: In a bid to boost declining […]

  • BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Art prankster sprays Israeli wall: “Secretive ‘guerrilla’ artist Banksy has decorated Israel’s controversial West Bank barrier with satirical images of life on the other side.” He must have been saving that one up since 1989 and the Berlin wall…

  • The BOOK Spoiler I need never read another page (though, obviously, I’m going to anyway.)

  • Got locked out again on Wednesday. I’ve spent less time in my flat than I would’ve liked over the last month, mainly through being locked out, late nights drinking and trying to move stuff around. Absolutely shattered all the time – just want to lie down in the sun and have the grass grow over […]