Month: August 2005

  • Burble

    Not enough time to say all that I’ve done in the last couple of weeks, without boring so… impressionistic summary coming up – realists duck n’ cover! New game in London town – trying to spot plainclothes officers. Personally, I tend to go for any largish man or chubby woman either walking in circles or […]

  • Literary Baton

    Books owned: Four bin bags and three man-sized trunks full. Which I guess probably comes to a good few hundred. Notably, I’ve read the great majority of them. Last book purchased: The Séance by Isaac Bashevis Singer from the Oxfam book shop in my new home town of Ealing Broadway. Exceptionally good Ashkenazi (Eastern European […]

  • Musical Baton

    Total volume of music files on my computer: My computer tells me that I’ve got 34GB, which is about 13,000 files (including all the crap that Windows XP deposits on it.) The RIAA will be breaking down my door in the next couple of hours… The last CD I bought: I can’t remember buying a […]

  • Useless factoid #11724,9925 Some of those dolls that didn’t quite make it: The Fag dollsThe Raggie DollsThe tail that Wags the DollsThe Living Dolls I actually met all the U.K. frag dolls (a promotional gaming clan formed by Ubisoft) at a Ubisoft preview event out in the sticks a couple of weeks ago, and they […]

  • Useless factoid #11724,9924 Hulk Hogan’s Hulkomaniac is exactly the same length as William Shatner’s stonking Common People (4:40)