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  • The Virtual Reality of Virtual Worlds – Improbable

    The Virtual Reality of Virtual Worlds – Improbable

    Virtual reality technology is an interface – a doorway into virtual worlds. We provide the platform that developers build those worlds on. But the distinction is important.

  • What Choice Is

    What Choice Is

    This is what choice is. The universe is deterministic. Most objects in the universe don’t have control over their direction through it. However all objects have randomised internal structures. Some of those randomised structures resulted in inheritance – that is successor objects which retained protected elements of the previous objects, normally tiny. Once these were […]

  • Benchmark Reviews – corporate shills?

    To the tune of Paloma Faith – Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful? Whatever your experience of Stuart Campbell, owner of World of Stuart, everyone agrees he’s a tireless campaigner for accuracy, honesty and justice in journalism and blogging. About three days ago he started investigating a seemingly minor infringement, the too-glowing review […]

  • How can the sky hold so much water?

    Snowfall dominates the watcher, the Brownian dance of crystalline H20 swept by the winds into crevices and peaks, evanescent but hypnotic and alive in the mind’s eye. The UK at the moment is living through its snowiest, and hence whiniest, period for 20 years. The mind is boggled at the immensity of this event – think […]

  • "The Leech of Farringdon Road" Intro Draft

    I was born, I suppose. I’m told most people were. Not that you would have known it from mother’s puckered mouth and youthful skin, of course, she was a model of chastity and virginity. From across the street, at least. Coming nearer, that marvellous plaster facade was marbled with blue and a little more rough […]