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  • Writing Pandora

    As we know, I was lucky enough to get to write a game, Pandora: First Contact. It launched last week and is doing relatively well, as I understand it. It’s unlikely this is its full audience either, given the parallel console nonsense. And, as I don’t want to steal Slitherine’s thunder I won’t go into […]

  • On Pandora, Mars and making games.

    On Pandora, Mars and making games.

    There are these things we call games journalists – they’re funny creatures, all angst and acid, and they call themselves journalists, which these days has the connotation of news-discovery, which they rarely do, and truth-telling, which they mostly attempt, despite often having access to highly misleading sources. They also think of themselves as writers, because it’s all they do. But like all sports journalists wanted to be strikers and all music critics wanted to be the lead singer, all games journalists want to be designers. Or writers. Or just get to put their two pennorth in on a design. They – I mean, we – are so cute.

  • Shogun 2: The Rise And Fall Of Reginald Samurai, Part 4

    Shogun 2: The Rise And Fall Of Reginald Samurai, Part 4

    I wrote a long diary piece for RPS about Shogun: Total War – Fall of the Samurai. They published the first three parts (one, two and three) but I never finished the fourth piece, as I couldn’t finish the campaign, so it just faded out. Here it is, finished at last.

  • Bloodwork


    This isn’t science fiction but it feels like it. A white-haired old woman comes in. “About 70 of them,” she says “we’ll come back.” She leaves. The number ticks up, the beeper beeps twice. Most of the room just sits there. It’s hard to remember, but most people are used to just doing nothing. Just […]

  • How to Apologise

    How to Apologise

    My small section of the internet is getting a little hotter these days; games journalism has always had its corrupt elements, but the combination of low-level “broken window” freebies corruption and the rarer (because of the expense) top-end “bought editorial” corruption, means that more and more well-meaning journalists are having to learn how to do something they’ve not done since they were little kids; say sorry.