Month: February 2014

  • Interview with Björn Jeffrey, CEO of Toca Boca

    Interview with Björn Jeffrey, CEO of Toca Boca

    This interview with Toca Boca’s CEO Björn Jeffrey was conducted for a feature for

  • Le Pied Du Infant

    Le Pied Du Infant

    It’s been a while. Back at university, we were the scourge of the common room – by which I mean that we were good for beating people and not much else. And even that only at table football. There was a core of around eight in our year. The socially-awkward, those tempted by easy victories […]

  • Rose-Tinted Eyes

    “Inside, we’re all seventeen, with red lips” – Laurence Olivier. (Quote taken from a wonderful New Yorker piece by Roger Angell.) My eyesight’s never been good, but it was never bad either. When I was a kid, I guessed it might be bad (my dad was four-eyed all through my childhood, until the 90s when he started […]