Month: December 2013

  • Interview: Paul Dean and Simon Roth on Maia.

    You were one of the early, shock Kickstarter successes. How much pressure are you feeling from that? Paul: Personally, it’s a feeling of considerable obligation. There’s always the awareness that people have already paid you, that they’ve invested up front, and now it’s your job to justify that financial faith they’ve put in you. And […]

  • Interview: Patrick Smith – Vectorpark

    I haven’t seen a game from you since 2011. My entire family (from 2-60) love your games. We all ask: when are you making a new one? (That’s a pretty good age range!) I’m hard at work, as we speak, on an interactive Alphabet. With any luck, I’ll be finished early-to-mid next year. Is there […]

  • Interview: Massimo Guarini on Murasaki Baby

    Interview: Massimo Guarini on Murasaki Baby

    “I have personally nothing against 40 years old guys being chronically stuck in their teenage mind-set, however I am really annoyed by the stagnancy of an entertainment medium that cannot be anymore appealing to people who now have different interests. I am not saying we should quit zombie games or Lord of the Rings altogether, I am just saying we should have other valid options too.” Massimo Guarani, Ovosonico.