Month: October 2012

  • How to Apologise

    How to Apologise

    My small section of the internet is getting a little hotter these days; games journalism has always had its corrupt elements, but the combination of low-level “broken window” freebies corruption and the rarer (because of the expense) top-end “bought editorial” corruption, means that more and more well-meaning journalists are having to learn how to do something they’ve not done since they were little kids; say sorry.

  • Heart On Sleeve: On the virtues of public disclosure.

    Heart On Sleeve: On the virtues of public disclosure.

    My past errors bear testimony to a tendency to public disclosure; this doesn’t always seem the wisest thing to do, but I have a sharing preference. It’s probably the same reason I’m a liberal – all things being equal, I’ll do something rather than not; I’ll share, I’ll change the system, I’ll take the red pill, I’ll talk about something I shouldn’t. (e.g. I’m currently writing this in a local pub in Swiss Cottage. Any passerby can read over my shoulder.)

  • Miles Jacobson on: not talking about Football Manager

    Miles Jacobson is the Studio Director at Sports Interactive, creators of Championship Manager and Football Manager. I caught up with him for a feature for PC Gamer at the end of last year.

  • The Jam To-morrow

    The Jam To-morrow

    Two quarts of Bertolli. 55 cans of fizzy pop. Several bottles of wine. Two cartons of apple juice. Four trays of assorted dips (no nachos). Bananas, crisps, oranges. Jam. Bread. Uncountable bottles of cheap beer. Five empty pizza boxes spilling out of overfilled bins. Twenty assorted laptops and associated smelly men. This is the content […]