Month: February 2007

Ugh. Remind me never to eat part-cooked, part-burnt, but definitely inedible batter again. Even with lemon juice and salt. It just smelt so tasty!

It is now 1 a.m. Last night at eight of the clock I got back from working late at the office, to find my brother dave, now 25, lying in bed very ill. Putting the kettle on for some soup, I immediately scraped together some cash to get him some drugs, and went back out […]

Right. Looks like I’ll need a friend with a driving license to help me move at least once on the 18th March. Any volunteers? powered by performancing firefox

I’m a bit bemused about this Lordship scandal. Granted, giving the money to T.Blair so he can buy himself houses, or to his party so they can buy votes, is somewhat corrupt, but we mustn’t forget that certain titles were created for this purpose. The baronets were created in 1611 by James I, desperate for […]