Baronet £$£

I’m a bit bemused about this Lordship scandal. Granted, giving the money to T.Blair so he can buy himself houses, or to his party so they can buy votes, is somewhat corrupt, but we mustn’t forget that certain titles were created for this purpose. The baronets were created in 1611 by James I, desperate for funds, who ennobled 200 gentlemen in return for hard cash for three years. Notably, this money went straight to the government.

I do not think that people in the Oldene Timese were nobler, more sensible or more morally upright than us; however, I do think they can provide useful examples of alternative living that can inspire us. I’d suggest that if the rich want to pay money to the government in return for titles, let them. Let them buy baronetcies straight from the Exchequer. The more money they give, the better title they get – though they should be excluded from sitting in the house of Lords. Higher-up titles can be hereditary or not; hereditary titles should require an inflation-adjusted yearly payment in perpetuity. Just don’t let them give the money to the parties and make sure that the money is put into a closed fnnd that can’t be accessed for five years, so another election has passed before the money can be used. This is to stop them giving money to help balance the accounts of their favoured party when in government.

Secondly, isn’t it funny that these rich people spend so much time and money avoiding giving the country their taxes by dodges and canny accountancy then end up giving it to the parties? It’s kinda foul.

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