Month: February 2007

  • Glastonbury

    I’m all preregistered. Now to decide whether I actually want to go.

  • Judas book start

    Enough. Everyone seems to think I will write one day, why I don’t know. Damn the premonitory bullying. I will start now. Here’s my portent. Here’s my book. So Judas is crying. He cries a lot at the moment. Perhaps he always was a weeper, a grabber of momma’s shawl, a chaser of comforting skirts. […]

  • Penny Arcade! – The Home Of The Gods, Part One The thing that really gets me with this whole thing is that the kid knows full well that by equating what he’s done to a video game, that he will generate controversy and media coverage. It makes me sick that the media is jumping all […]

  • Guilty Pleasures of Literary Greats

    Via Boing Boing. Groucho’s obsession with Shakespeare and Nabokov’s concerns over (the American) Dennis the Menace’s bastardy cracked me right up. powered by performancing firefox

  • Amazing Musical Hoax

    “Last week, a critic at the Gramophone magazine got surprise when he put a Hatto recording of Lizt’s 12 Transcendental Studies into his computer. The iTunes player identified the disc as being recorded by another pianist, Lászlo Simon. He dug out the Simon album and found it sounded exactly the same as the Hatto one. […]