Month: December 2006

Jon Hicks from Bournemouth e-mailed the BBC News website to say he had failed to receive his ordered Miir. A clickable guide to the Miir He said: “I pre-ordered the Nintendo Miir from on 15 September along with some software. “I have been informed today that it is unlikely my order will be fulfilled […]

Promoted from a sidebar link, this wonderful essay on the King Curdler, HP “Saucy” Lovecraft. “He was also frightened of invertebrates, marine life in general, temperatures below freezing, fat people, people of other races, race-mixing, slums, percussion instruments, caves, cellars, old age, great expanses of time, monumental architecture, non-Euclidean geometry, deserts, oceans, rats, dogs, the […]

Seeing that someone came up with a list of the most significant Sci-Fi and Fantasy books of the last Fifty Years, I thought I’d have a read over it and see which ones I’d absorbed… it turns out to be about 90% of them, as the following list shows – ones are in bold that […]

Who the frick decides what the page is for the keywords you type in to Google? Death pointing to the death clock is fine (mine’s Wednesday, July 30, 2053 BTW), but I tried “God” and got … The Interview with God, a slideshow of beautiful landscapes (by which we mean untouched by the hand of […]

As the government gets more authoritarian, which it will barring some fundamental shift in the aggression of the self-satisfied individuals constituting the other major protective institutions, it’s likely that the data on your computer that today is just your de-facto-legal crap will rapidly become handy evidence for prosecution for the crimes of theft, sedition and […]

Screw the Tony Blair story, P11 of the Metro is about the world’s tallest non-giant man Bao Xishun (who hence has the world’s longest arms) being used by doctors in China to remove pieces of plastic from dolphin’s bellies by shoving his arm down their throat. That’s a really crap story, more a gawping-freak show […]

I love the little Jawas. All I want to do is run up to them and hug them and babble in that special birdsong language and hug them some more and maybe even trade them some wind-extracted lumps of raw material for out-of-date, obsolete astromech droids. Then I remember there’s no such as Jawas and […]