Month: December 2006

Good day to bury crap news

Screw the Tony Blair story, P11 of the Metro is about the world’s tallest non-giant man Bao Xishun (who hence has the world’s longest arms) being used by doctors in China to remove pieces of plastic from dolphin’s bellies by shoving his arm down their throat. That’s a really crap story, more a gawping-freak show

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I love the little Jawas. All I want to do is run up to them and hug them and babble in that special birdsong language and hug them some more and maybe even trade them some wind-extracted lumps of raw material for out-of-date, obsolete astromech droids. Then I remember there’s no such as Jawas and

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Lazy Blogging

They’re just words… David Griliopoulos: verboten anna: helloDavid: guess what?Gril: what?AHHHHHHDavid: the internet’s workingGril: it’s working?POR… I mean, work!Sigh.That’s great.I found out today that (depressing fact removed to protect the innocent and the filthily guilty, cotton-wool fans!). But not me. It’s laughably stereotypical.I seem to be living a shitty office-based drama. i bought a chess

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