CANCER, to cure (2)

Externally apply the following; simmer cicuta leaves till they are soft, then mix them with slippery elm bark, to form a poultice; apply morn and night. It is valuable.-Or apply the irritating plaster, for a continual discharge must be kept up, as long as the patient is able to bear it. The douch bath has been recommended, and doubtless it has had a good effect in many cases. The following applications are useful;-
Cayenne and Lobelia Seed, equal quantities, powdered; Meadowfern and Balm of Gilead buds, of each 3oz. (these two steeped in spirits for five or six days, and made into ointment, with lard sufficient.) Unite the whole as a paste, and apply to the cancer, covering with a cloth. When the plaster is taken off wash with soapsuds.-Or burn a quantity of red oak bark to ashes, and make into lye. Boil the lye till it becomes as thick as honey. Such preparations, by their stimulating and relaxing properties, excite a preternatural discharge, or cause a sloughing of the ulcer, and thus remove or lessen it. Use one of these ointments principally, the Black Salve occasionally, and after much discharge, dress with an emollient ointment. This treatment has effect numerous cures. (See Black Salve.)

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