CANCER, to cure (1)

To CURE, remove debility, and improve the general health. Regulate the bowels, and give an emetic. Give a vapour bath made of bitter herbs, as camomile, hops, catnep, tansy, &c. and boiling water and vinegar. Occasionally rub the whole surface of the body with the following liniment; — Cayenne, a tea-spoonful; salt, two tablespoonfuls; pour upon them half a pint of boiling water; infuse an hour longer, stirring occasionally. Steaming with the bitter herbs, combined as above, allays the pain, swelling and inflammation. The following pills will be of much use; Bloodroot, 1½ drachm; extract of dandelion, 3 drachms; lobelia seed, 1 drachm; cayenne, 1 drachm; senna, in powder, 1 drachm; add 3 drops of oil of mint and form into pills. These pills will be found very efficacious in the cure of jaundice, and liver complaints.

…for all you want to know.

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