Life Baton

Passed from Chiarina

Four jobs I’ve had:
Waiter/barman/kitchen porter, MP’s dogsbody, wine vendor, games writer.

Four places I’ve lived:

Didsbury, Bath Spa, Oxford, London; in fact, that’s your lot.

Four places I’d like to be right now:
Hmph; a boat on a lake, a snowed-in cottage with a roaring stove, an ancient library packed with bestiaries and lost tracts, a homeostatic ball of ice and steel tethered to the equator in a geocentric orbit staring down at the world.

Four things I’ve done to impress a member of the opposite sex:
Watched comedy, dressed up smart n’ shaved n’ stuff, licked their private wotsits even though the flavour’s horrid, not run away immediately.

Four films I could watch again and again:
Groundhog Day, Fight Club, Animal Crackers, Grosse Pointe Blanke.

Four things I’m on the verge of learning:
Um, not sure how to answer this one; surely if I’m on the verge, I don’t know them yet. That said, I’m always on the verge of learning how other people perceive me, how I’m a better writer when I’m depressed/tired/stressed, how to communicate with other people, how not to run away from girls when I think I might like them.

Four nationalities I’ve been mistaken for:
Irish, French, Italian, English.

Four Websites I visit daily:,,,

Four people I’d like to continue this meme:
the shouldn’t-have-settled-for-Bath Jonty, the endlessly impressing and disappointing sibling Dov, the cerebral gamer Tom, the deliciously vitriolic JohnW

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  1. Chiarina

    I am really glad, Grill, that you have never gone down on me, or otherwise I would be sitting here going ‘oh no, what if it’s *my* bits he’s talking about?’. Talk about paranoid, I mean what a detail to leap upon. There will certainly be someone reading that though and they will be certainly be going ‘what if he’s talking about me’? It’s a fair enough opinion though, if ya don’t like it, ya don’t like it. Though I am now curious to know….were you talking about *in general* or in particular? Why this matters at all, am not even going to start thinking about. I feel like I am going to put the cat amongst the pigeons by clicking ‘publish your comment’. Could that have a double meaning? I don’t know anymore, I have been talking to Phil W too much.


  2. Grill

    lol… um, I see what you mean. Yes, um. Well, it’s a general thing – I’m not a fan of the flavour TBH. (No, I’m not going to describe it.) And I don’t like the idea of mixing sticky things with friable/crumbly things, (like jam and toast, even though I enjoy that when I eat it.)I doubt anyone’s reading it though – it’s normally quiet in here, only 30ish a day normally – though thursday got 116, which is a bit odd…


  3. Pentadact

    I only just noticed you referenced me here (thanks Technorati!), and shall respond in kind. But here.Four jobs I’ve had:Book stacker, quality assurance, webmaster, writerFour places I’ve lived:West Hanney, Chichester, Southampton, ShaftesburyFour places I’d like to be right now:New York, always.Snowboarding on Lake Tahoe – not going to get enough of that anytime soon.Koh Samui, swimming in front of the beach restaurant that had an odd speciality in French toast and superb iced coffee for breakfast.Brazil – SA’s my last unvisited continent, and the Amazon fascinates me.Four things I’ve done to impress a member of the opposite sex:Christ, how obscure is this blog? Can I speak freely? I think I’ll go with the less embarrassing ones here, ask me about the others next time we meet. I will also note whether and to what extent they were successful here, and frankly I think you should do the same.1) Swim at 6am every morning. Wholly unsuccessful. This was at uni, and though I quickly obtained a frankly stunning physique, I never actually /met/ the girl I was attempting to impress with this. Lost physique rapidly after dissolution of unconsumated relationship. 😦 on both counts.2) Kissed her neck. This is wholly unsatisfying for the kisser, but elicits a response from some people that I have been unable to replicate by any other method. So, successful: yes.3) Told her to fuck off. With good reason, but against my instinct to be persistently polite. No apparent effect, positive or negative, yet. Intend to continue with campaign of abuse until a scientifically conclusive result is obtained; probably physical contact of one form or another.4) This one wasn’t to impress in a romantic way, just to save face: finally won a badminton match against my friend Clare. I rarely try my best, at anything other than writing and Half-Life 2 Deathmatch, but did on this occasion. Result: moderate praise. SCORE!Four films I could watch again and again:Memento, LA Confidential, Grosse Pointe Blank, The Prestige.Four things I’m on the verge of learning:How to stop a smile short of a moronic grin without feeling like I’m being insultingly unresponsive.How to walk normally.How to be less pathetic when drunk.French.Four nationalities I’ve been mistaken for:Scottish (specifically Ewan McGregor (?)), French (by a French person), that’s it.Four Websites I visit


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