Month: January 2006

  • Wired 13.11: My Bionic Quest for Bol?ro

    Wired 13.11: My Bionic Quest for Bol?ro: “My hearing is no longer limited by the physical circumstances of my body. While my friends’ ears will inevitably decline with age, mine will only get better.” Michael Chorost is totally deaf and loves Ravel’s Bolero. Having had a cochlear implant, he decided to see how far he […]

  • Google Gulp

    Google Gulp: “Think fruity. Think refreshing.Think a DNA scanner embedded in the lip of your bottle reading all 3 gigabytes of your base pair genetic data in a fraction of a second, fine-tuning your individual hormonal cocktail in real time using our patented Auto-Drink™ technology, and slamming a truckload of electrolytic neurotransmitter smart-drug stimulants past […]

  • Brad Pitt is a chameleon – The Superficial –

    Brad Pitt is a chameleon – The Superficial – ’nuff said. This’ll shoot round the blogs faster than a proton in CERN. Who am I to stand in its way?

  • The Man Who Couldn't Blog

    The Man Who Couldn’t Blog: “We said, ‘…hat covered entirely in fruit…’ but the truth is that we don’t know. Is there, really, underneath all of us—we fruit on this fruit hat—a hat? Or is the fruit on this fruit hat, in fact, all that constitutes this fruit hat? We are not sure. Are we […]

  • Land Ho!

    Treehugger: IKEA BoKlok Flatpack houses spread Swedish gospel Our landlord has seen fit to move back into our flat, leaving us homeless. It’s my fifth move in two years and I’m getting ultra-tired of moving into another rented property. So I’m thinking of buying instead. Of course, that’s nearly impossible for someone of my age […]