Land Ho!

Treehugger: IKEA BoKlok Flatpack houses spread Swedish gospel

Our landlord has seen fit to move back into our flat, leaving us homeless. It’s my fifth move in two years and I’m getting ultra-tired of moving into another rented property. So I’m thinking of buying instead. Of course, that’s nearly impossible for someone of my age on my wage, especially with property prices as high as they are and definitely on my own. I’ve been honestly considering moving into a housing association or commune as a way of actually making sure some of the £600+ I pour away each month comes back in my dotage.

Thankfully, Chiarina pointed me to a series of sites that help with selfbuild or cheap pre-fabs. The pre-fabs are fine, except it’s hard to think of anywhere around London where there’s cheap land. That said, there’s plenty of abandoned homes waiting for reclamation, just that it’s not clear how to go about claiming them. I suppose if it was, people would do it all the time. I’ve a feeling local authoritaries grab them all instead and use them to fund their enormous burgeoning debt. Perhaps I should go for the container city developments- it’s so City of Heroes/Bladerunner slum.

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