Month: January 2006

The SF Site: SF Masterworks Reviews Archive I seem to have bought all of these books. :S Yet currently missing are I Am Legend, The Fifth Head of Cerberus, Stand On Zanzibar, Star Maker, Flowers For Algernon, The First Men in the Moon, VALIS, Flow My Tears the Policeman Said and The Dancers at the […]

Busted Tees : Grills Grills Grills: “Grills, grills, grills, grills.Grills, I do adore.” Everywhere I look the world shouts my name, like, wotsit, the Lawnmower man, except with tacky fast food joints instead of the ringing of every phone in the world… solipsism? Well, who else could the sun revolve around, eh? It’s got to […]

Busy weeks, so no post for quite a while. Will rectify over the next couple of weeks of holiday I’m sure. What I have achieved in the last few weeks: Turned an elderly fellow’s racist rant about immigrants stealing our money/jobs/pies into a rant directed entirely at the French and disabled people. (He also claimed […]

I Dreamt Of A-Bombs I’m sitting in a restaurant, atop a steep hill, eating and looking down on the town when the quality of the light changes and the diners gasp. I look up to see a mushroom cloud rising up over the hills, obscuring the sunset, spreading above the horizon. I/we feel horror and […]

With a belated fug in my ears, I was rolling through Paddington a good thirty minutes late, when a drip, a mean solitary drip, crawled through the girders and deposited itself on my head. I say deposited because looking down I saw an incipient stalagmite leering up at me. On my coat was the faintest, […]

World of Lifecraft World of Lifecraft; giving yourself experience points for everyday actions and then rewarding yourself once you level up. By my estimation, I’m already on Level 1 which let’s me eat some junk food! Hurrah for Tom! Dammit. I’ve just reminded myself that I was playing The Elder Scrolls IV at a preview […]