Month: November 2005

Xbox 360 Movie Player I interviewed the llama-crazed visualisation genius Jeff Minter a few months ago; the first half of the interview was on our first cover-disc, the second half is available here on our website. Tis a pity they cut out him shouting ‘Vindaloo’ at the camera and a lot of what he says […]

F.U.Q.(Frequently Used Profanities.) Mine are “Piss N’ Blood”, “Arsebandit”, “Fucktarts” and “Kant”. What are yours? (This is actually a dead clever way of increasing my hits by using obscene language; I get enough of the “sexy gril” hits anyway…)

‘My Lobotomy’: Howard Dully’s Journey Another fantastic link from Jonty, about the psychiatrist Walter Freeman and his rapid ice-pick lobotomies. Curiously, I think my grand-uncle was given a lobotomy many years ago, but it’s one of those topics that my family refuses to talk about. (And considering most lobotomies require familial consent, who can blame […]

I know I never link to game industry stuff, as it’s mostly indulgent tosh (I should ahve prefaced this with Dear Dairy myself, perhaps) but Ralph Koster’s Piece on game design here is just very well done. He probably says about one original thing in there, but it’s a doozy.

I feel like I’ve not slept in days. I’m subsisting on booze and junk food. My flesh swells, cotton candy floss brushes against the back of my eyeballs, I just want to have some time off, and spend it wisely (if I can remember a way of doing that.) We got the second issue out, […]