(Frequently Used Profanities.)

Mine are “Piss N’ Blood”, “Arsebandit”, “Fucktarts” and “Kant”. What are yours?

(This is actually a dead clever way of increasing my hits by using obscene language; I get enough of the “sexy gril” hits anyway…)

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  1. Iain

    Okay, I’ll bite.I don’t swear a huge amount (given that my other half frowns deeply upon it) so I’ll have to give you my favourites (beyond the obvious ones), instead: “Turd”, “pissflaps”, “wollocks” are all fine obscene interjections, and when you need a profane insult, you can’t beat “fuckwit”, “scrotumface” or “shitstabber”.


  2. alphonse79

    How about a few office classics? To express frustration while waiting for tardy servers to get their ducks in a row: “Cockbadgers”General expression of regret at one’s own shortcomings: “Oh, fucksocks”When a production process which was previously running smoothly suddenly takes a turn for the worst close to deadline, things are said to have all gone “cuntybooby”, or alternatively “slightly arsewise”Also, some of my Scottish friends on a popular Dennis publication would, in the same situation, use the word “muckty”, as in “the feature’s all muckty, I’d better rewrite it”


  3. grilly

    ‘shit the bed’?better, this dyslexises nicely into ‘shibboleth’.tard words: mayotard, custard, whittard (they make shit tea) and my favourite, nelly furtard.i’m sorry to say since we decided that ‘gash’ is more offensive than ‘cunt’, we’ve been using it more often. shame really.


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