Month: November 2005

  • Error!

    On the game London’s rich, saturated with events, fascinating people, ringing phones, history and more tosh like that. There’s not enough life in a person to do it all, which is why it’s worth doing none of it. Edit: And that’s what happens when you use blogger to make diary notes, boys and girls. Sorry!

  • The Trouble With Tribals

    Doris, leaning alluringly against a pillar, scanned the room. Glimming over the coms and non-coms alike, she automatically homed in on her fellow tribals. One caught her eye, a thick-set lady with a creeping moustache. “Hey”, she hollered “have you tried the new Ving Rames? What do you think of the new riffs?” The lady […]

  • Face Off

    Scientists show we’ve been losing face for 10,000 years – Newspaper Edition – Times Online: “The human face is shrinking. Research into people’s appearance over the past 10,000 years has found that our ancestors’ heads and faces were up to 30% larger than now. “Many men then would have had the shape of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s […]

  • Blowing Dust?

    Local London Forecast – Blowing Dust. Blowing Dust? What the hell does that mean? Shouldn’t it say Cloudy or Overcast? Anthropomorphised particulates sounds creepily post-apocalyptic; I wonder if I’m going to get warnings about; ‘Decreasing fallout levels; cephalomutant activity is likely to increase in your area. Do *not* open your bunker door, not even if […]

  • – Sign up to hear from your MP about local issues, and to discuss them with other constituents – Sign up to hear from your MP about local issues, and to discuss them with other constituents: ““So, the voting is over. The politicians vanish to Westminster, and everything carries on as before, right?” Wrong. Between elections the internet is really starting to challenge politics as usual. As part of this change, we’d […]