Month: July 2005

  • The evolution of intelligence | Natural genius?:“people with a single copy of the gene for Tay-Sachs, or that for Gaucher’s, or that for Niemann-Pick should be more intelligent than average. Dr Cochran and his colleagues predict they will be so by about five IQ points. If that turns out to be the case, it will […]

  • MMODating: “MMODATING NOW COMPLETLY FREE! That’s right, free… Cost of signing up: Free Cost of creating a profile so others can find you: Free Cost of searching for your next love: Free Cost of sending a message: Free Finding a guy/girl who actually wants to play that game with you: Priceless.” Dating for massively multiplayer […]

  • Damn-Them DotCom: “100% free, fast, and customisable hexes!”

  • Newgrounds presents: Super Mario Physics Oh my. Truly astounding basic level phsyics explained through the medium of Mario. It’sa Me=MC2!

  • Belgian Beer Ad I saw this as a trailer to something; The Edukators I think (an excellent movie). Its a very Bunuel advert involving period Jacques Tati types sat around staring at a fatal bottle of beer. Who’ll break first? Compelling.