Month: July 2005

  • crates and barrels: “This is about crates and barrels in videogames. Compared to the enormous dimensions of this topic, the collection is still rather small, but – thanks to the restless contributors – it constantly grows. If you can, go find some crates or barrels in a game yourself and upload your own screenshots.” Some […]

  • Done Deal: Script and Pitch Sales – Updated Daily: “Title: Cat’s Cradle Log Line: A large number of people, scientists and regular citizens included, are caught up in a game that involves them chasing each other around in search of the world’s most important and dangerous substance, a new form of ice that freezes at […]

  • God. I need to play Ultima 7. My brain’s gradually frying in my cranium in the oppressive heat of this office, and a bit of sweet Iolo loving is necessary. Perhaps I’m pregnant, hence the craving. I know it’s years old, I know it was a bit derivative; but for me it, and its semi-sequel […]

  • <img SRC="" Johnny Depp’s Michael Jackson impersonation in Willy Wonka is freaky; give us back our drug-addled Gene Wilder any day!

  • DARPA Advanced Technology Office – Unique Signatures Detection This is bloody fantastic and, also, terrifying. Was browsing the DARPA website (as you do) and found that the U.S. government is researching how to detect people uniquely in large areas or large crowds. This is of course designed for tactical strikes against enemy combatants, whereever they […]