Month: July 2005

Precrime Computer (Minus Precogs) Predicts Robbery: Science Fiction in the News: “Lt. James McLaughlin of the Yonkers, New York police department Technical Support unit used a computer to analyze patterns in robberies in southwest Yonkers. According to the computer’s analysis, there would be a robbery between 8 p.m. and midnight on Wednesday on South Broadway.‘He […]

The Policeman’s Blog Fantastic! The Copper’s Blog is the perfect balance between social comment, an insight into the bureacracy crippling our otherwise-promising police state and a good laugh too. (Proper blogging promised later, honest.)

Boing Boing: Four unusual neurological syndromes: “People with ‘Kluver-Bucy Syndrome’ try to put anything they can get their hands on into their mouths and will ‘typically attempt to have sexual intercourse with it.’ People with ‘Capgras’ Syndrome’ think everyone around them is an impostor. They feel like they are living in a real life version […]

Google Moon – Lunar Landing Sites Fan-bloody-tastic. See the lunar landing sites – possibly the furthest mankind will ever go from his planet? EDIT – zoom right in for the best easter egg ever. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Hobbit (Denham) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: “‘What a happiness this must have been seventy or eighty years ago and upwards, to those chosen few who had the good luck to be born on the eve of this festival of all festivals; when the whole earth was so overrun with ghosts, boggles, bloody-bones, spirits, demons, […]

we make money not art: “Fabian Seibert at Suelzkotlett designs rather dangerous accessories. His Lugosi 20 Suicide Bracelet comes with a sharp blade and is easy to use: wear slit on pulse, break off blade, insert blade, cut wrist. Here you go: a stylish suicide for just 160 euros. And if you did use it […]