Month: December 2004

  • Why whites of eyes spell ‘danger’ So that scared look on my face is perpetually infectious… that explains my sociopathic tendencies. Anyway, marry christians, one and all!

  • Insult Swordfighting @ The SCUMM Bar! “People consider my fists lethal weapons.” “Sadly, your breath should be equally reckoned.”

  • Earthsea in Clorox by Ursula K. Le Guin: “As an anthropologist’s daughter I am intensely conscious of the risk of cultural or ethnic imperialism — white writer speaking for nonwhite people, co-opting their voice, an act of extreme arrogance…. Ged isn’t a petulant white kid. It’s like casting Eminem as Jim in Huckleberry Finn.” The […]

  • Guardian Unlimited | Life | Atomic tomatoes are not the only fruit: “The Chinese news agency Xinhua stated that, ‘in China the radiation effect is always positive, leading to bigger and better vegetables that will revolutionise agriculture.’” Right, I’m flying to China so I can be exposed to radiation and become SuperGrill, able to sear […]

  • Lucian of Samosata (A.D. c.120-180): “Amongst them, when a man grows old he does not die, but dissolves into smoke and turns to air [a convenient ploy for disposing of dead aliens also used in more recent science fiction, such as ‘The Man Trap’ and ‘Catspaw’ episodes of the original Star Trek series]. They all […]