Month: December 2004

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I’m all nervous. I’m, tentatively, starting in a relationship at the moment and it’s been a couple of years since I’ve had one that’s lasted more than a few sweaty gropes, so my nerves are all-a-jangle all the time. Through a pervading sense of alienation through my youth, I’ve grown up as a wholly independent […]

Just Fucking Google It An exceptionally helpful site when someone annoys you for the four billionth time about an inconsequential and obvious question. Just send them this link.

Q-TARO.COM: Takara Dream Factory: “put this beside your bed and record what you want to dream about. It plays some relaxing music and just before you wake up when you’re dreaming the most, it replays your message which causes you to dream about what you programmed” And a relaxing fragance as well, apparently. From the […]