Month: July 2003

Right, so Glastonbury story no #395,121 So I’ve bought some mushrooms. It’s just after the Flaming Lips have finished playing. Here’s maybe 80,000 people in a big lego crowd in front of me, all multi-coloured little blobs shifting about a bit, and Radiohead are due on next so no-one’s moving any direction but closer to […]

Title: Railroad Tycoon 3 Strap: 20 Dan Griliopoulos gets on the right tracks to promote RRT3 – but are his motives loco? Details: Genre: Management Due date: October 2003 Must see scene: Why do we keep on starting fires? Run a train over too long a distance without water or sand, and it’ll blow a […]

Title: Railroad Tycoon 3 Strap: 20 words, with your name in. It’s both an introduction to yourself and the game, so make it funny if you can, but not at the expense of being relevant. Although a half page (or smaller) review won’t have your name in the strap. Details: Certain key details at a […]

Gill Bates A haven of the more deliberately perverse member of society, Ebay this month saw three of the most pointless auctions avialble. First a pond coin was auctioned, which reached the princely sum of . Then we saw the disposal of the world’s biggest French fry, for the outstanding price of $202.50. (the Fry’s […]