Month: July 2003

  • 1. Title 2. Strap 3. Need to know 4. Body copy 5. Your first hour 6. Standard Boxouts 7. Occasional Boxouts 8. Looking Elsewhere 9. Verdict 10. Images 11. Captions Title: The Great Escape Strap: For you, Englander, the war is over. For Dan Griliopoulos it’s only just started. 13th January 1944. The war hangs […]

  • Brace yourself for a boredom tornado; I went to a PC factory in Germany. Now, I’m expecting yawns, ann switching off of eyes everywhere now, and that’s justified and right, I’m sure. But unlike you utter bastards out there, I found it both stimulating and fascinating. Waves of solder rising up to just clip motherboards, […]

  • Faux Faulkner et al Glorious parodies of over-egged American scribblers.

  • How tos Enabling the XP firewall? MSG Plus! – free download, adds functionality to MSN messenger. – discable? Using Trillian – msn, ICQ, AIM, Yahoo messenger combiner. See if can get it on disc. ( Choosing a computer case, hard drive, processor, video card, motherboard (whole series of) Bottled guide as to the four/six essentials […]

  • The first thing is I went on a balloon ride. Let me explain this; my body is a temple (in severe need of reconsecration, sure, but a temple all the same.) It does not tolerate extremes of any sort, and height just happens to be one of those.