Month: November 2002

  • They say a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing. Thankfully I don’t know who ‘they’ are, so I guess I’m relatively safe. This week I have been mostly involved in skulduggery, piracy and random acts of violence. Which is all fine and above board for a games journo (which I’m starting to claim […]

  • //Main Details// Easy CD Creator 5 Platinum £45 Roxio //Strap// The biggest selling CD burner proves simple and easy to use, with more features than an auto-da-fé //Body// Easy CD has long played second fiddle to Nero when it comes to CD burning, mainly due to the latter’s greater technical flexibility, and unfortunately this release […]

  • Far West Mary Whitehouse would be pleased. There seems to be a trend in games coming out of Eastern Europe whereby all signs of violence or death are excised in favour of folk-dancing. We saw it in Heist where cops would chase your villains in a conga line, we saw it in Celtic Kings, where […]

  • Strange it is, hmmm. Tonight for the first time in months with the aid of friends I overcame my fear of clubs, those dens of sedition, and went dancing. And in dancing I seem to have been invited to apply for a job I have a good chance of getting, if I swot up on […]

  • There’s a nice thing. My walk to work (sounds like a 1930s soviet/1940s UK slogan – Walk to Work! – accompanied by picture of Stakhanovite male striding into picture) is becoming a theme of these posts. One of my two routes takes me across a pedestrian iron bridge that’s almost as wide as it’s long. […]