Month: November 2002

Far West Mary Whitehouse would be pleased. There seems to be a trend in games coming out of Eastern Europe whereby all signs of violence or death are excised in favour of folk-dancing. We saw it in Heist where cops would chase your villains in a conga line, we saw it in Celtic Kings, where […]

Strange it is, hmmm. Tonight for the first time in months with the aid of friends I overcame my fear of clubs, those dens of sedition, and went dancing. And in dancing I seem to have been invited to apply for a job I have a good chance of getting, if I swot up on […]

There’s a nice thing. My walk to work (sounds like a 1930s soviet/1940s UK slogan – Walk to Work! – accompanied by picture of Stakhanovite male striding into picture) is becoming a theme of these posts. One of my two routes takes me across a pedestrian iron bridge that’s almost as wide as it’s long. […]

Blog, blog, blog. It is an odd position to be finding yourself in, when your back’s no longer to the wall, and yet the day job is still meant to be in a state of panic. That said I’m utterly exhausted now, and yet its bonfire night. I should be wandering around in undknown muddy […]

One frickin piece of freelance keeps coming back to haunt me. Didn’t have time to do it properly, and now every few seconds I get flashbacks to it. Such a hideous piece of work, the game and the copy I was forced to write. S’called Far West, and I plead that friendly bombs come and […]

Title Impossible Creatures Not since “Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties”has a game inspired such diabolic cackling in the PCF offices. But in a good way. Web System Requirements: Body 550 words Microsoft normally find themselves stereotyped as monsters by the online community, for twisting every little thing to their ultimate profit. It’s nice to see someone […]

Terror of a day now graying out behind me. I frickin hate getting things quite that wrong – reminds me of university days, and my lackadaisical attitude back then. Not that I’m any better now, but it’s lazy with self-knowledge this time around.