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Easy CD Creator 5 Platinum




The biggest selling CD burner proves simple and easy to use, with more features than an auto-da-fé


Easy CD has long played second fiddle to Nero when it comes to CD burning, mainly due to the latter’s greater technical flexibility, and unfortunately this release is no exception. It’s been out for quite a while now and, while it addresses the troubling issues that prevented working as effectively with Windows XP as it should have (ironically as it’s engine is shared with XP’s bestoke burner), it hasn’t made such a large advance as its competitors have done.

That said it’s enormous feature set is still enough for the pure CD burner to go away feeling satisfied. This new version finally supports DVD burning, sinfully omitted until very recently, even if it still feels at a fairly primitive stage. As for other CD formats it supports every possible type you could want from video CD to direct CD.

The music creation tools are also first rate, allowing you to clean up old analogue tracks, rip MP3s, change encoding formats between MP3 and WMA, edit .wav files, and do anything that could be plausibly associated with the creation of a music CD.

From initial installation the program holds your hand all the way (perhaps annoyingly so for more advanced users), and the manual, though large, is the most user-friendly we’ve seen for some time. Even the interface is simple and cleanly put together, with many features (like drive speed testing and system resource management) ghosted into the background.

Dan Griliopoulos




Exceedingly user-friendly


Irritatingly so for the advanced user


Nero still has the professional edge, but for a family friendly package look no further

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