Month: November 2002

“Moood of blind destruction tonight. Anger popping on surface like lead bubbles. Wise to stay away tonight – I’m going to do stupig things if I left to myself, if let to get properly drunbk…” [An evening spent drinking and dancing, with itchy knuckles. A morning spent in the company of Steps, S-Club and idolising […]

Hey brain. Three things there were, Frankincense, Gold and Myrrh brought before a sham god or king (after the magi had been a-hawking) and they fetched a very fine price: eternal insurance was on their dice For those who know less than they ought a bottle I’m drinking of finest port if you think, for […]

Mafia Not allowed to say what omerta means Go to the matresses. Following a trend established by Warcraft III, Mafia has released its demo after the game’s release. Ministry of Agriculture, fishery and foods, but were persuaded otherwise… Review Product name Hercules XPS 510 10 word strap Hercule Details Company Phone Website Price Score 3 […]

Nice to see that the BBC is at least professing to make an effort at the public service ethos it’s supposed to uphold. The great Britons series, while confirming the hideous mental shallows of a great part of the nation, also indicated that the media have not suceeded in erasing all culture from our minds. […]

Become the thing you hate you will, hmm. It’s been a long time since I wrote but there’s a certain comfort in that statement. The black and white mythos of Star Wars can dandle you on a white-plastic knee and tell you such things, but the fact is we oscillate between so many things from […]