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After a discussion with my brother as to why I still eat (free-range) meat, I came up with the following. Criticism and arguments welcome in the comments please! Principles The most important thing in any life is to be free from pain The next most important thing in any life is to have your desires […]

Come on Nature by the Proclaimers. Why did I assume they were saying “Come On Nietzsche”? Would they walk five thousand miles to see some shadows cast on a cave wall? Would they send a letter to America declaring the death of god? The only link between them and the ubermensch is twin studies… This […]

Structured Procrastination Original link broken so here’s the text. Version of April 25, 1995 I have been intending to write this essay for months. Why am I finally doing it? Because I finally found some uncommitted time? Wrong. I have papers to grade, textbook orders to fill out, an NSF proposal to referee, dissertation drafts […]

“If travel is searching and hope is what’s been found, I’m not stopping. I’m going hunting.” Those are the stied lyrics from a bjork song, but they express my mood at the moment quite well. For an Oxbridge Cnut, I’m strangely unconcerned about wealth, and as for success “Art not without ambition, but without The […]