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    The ‘disappearance’ of auteur game designer Sam Barlow only increased our interest in his latest work, PERFECTION. Rim Magazine has secured the world-exclusive first review of what might be Barlow’s last project – and the game’s ambiguity raises uncomfortable questions about its creator and the media’s complicity in his fame.

  • Authority, VanderMeer

    Authority, VanderMeer

    So, the second Southern Reach cycle book then (the previous book being Annihilation which was the source for the film with that bear). An alienated special agent is assigned to the base that borders the Area and struggles to achieve anything… Whilst the first book was obviously strange and excellent (though it is fuzzy in my memory,…

  • Deathbed Recommendations

    Deathbed Recommendations

    I had to go to the hospital a few weeks ago, so a doctor could put a camera up my urethra. There was a very small chance that what he found was going to be the death of me…

  • Found in a notebook

    In moments of solitude, my mind, once far-ranging, now only homes in on one phrase; “mi amo”. I don’t speak Italian or any of the Romance languages, save Latin, so I don’t know what it means, but I’ve a feeling that my hindbrain /thinks/ it knows what it means; “my love”. I mumble it to…

  • Eye Contact

    Ritting Rattling along underground in a vicious humour, all around me are temporarily like me; none can see the blue of the sky. The tube disgorges beneath Kings-Cross and we all barrel out, the stick-wavers, the 20-20s and me. There’s probably some of my kin around too, but we never make eye contact, head for…