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  • Journalism; when is it justified for a writer to work for free?

    The Controversial Bit: yesterday morning, I posted on Twitter the following: Hypothesis; people who write for free are using their secure financial situation as an unfair advantage. Any antitheses? I got plenty.

  • Why is the housing population ageing?

    To the tune of: Our House by Crosby, Still, Nash & Young The Other Reader is determined to make an Economist of me at the moment and was very annoyed when last night I couldn’t answer the nonsense question, “Why is the housing population ageing?” I have determined therefore to attempt an answer herewith, fol de rol, […]

  • Thoughts On Closed Systems and Video Games

    Predictably, Microsoft have just announced the new Games For Windows Live will also support full game downloads. Manufacturers, having taken over all the development studios, and recently the Indie and casual devs too, are now taking over the distribution channels too. It’s likely that we’ll see the first full, true AAA game distributed solely through the […]

  • Game Pricing

    (Some thoughts I supplied for a piece about on a big games website that got spiked because of politics…) Question 1 (Of 1) 1. Do you believe that the recently rumoured price-hikes of triple-A games in the UK are justified. If yes, why? If no, why? From an economics point of view, it’s entirely rational. […]