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  • Margaret & Richard

    Margaret & Richard

    …and I’m still working on the feature at 4am. I miss the dawn I’m writing so hard, lightening paragraphs with sips of akavit. I roll into bed at 6.30am, next to a sleeptalking V, and doze off… …”MARGARET” comes the cry, jolting us both awake.

  • Better Than Life

    Better Than Life

    So, I fucked up. As is my wont. Regular readers will know that fucking up is something that I feel I have a special knack for – though I’m also aware that I probably fuck up just as much as the rest of the population, but just *feel* it more – or even just that…

  • The Money Farm

    The Money Farm

    To the tune of: Money, Money – Cabaret Buy a PC Gamer-approved product every day this week and you get reward points. You’ve levelled up, now you’re a PCG Ambassador, so you get a PCG fan kit. Meanwhile, your health insurance is incentivising you to walk as it’s worried about your heart rate, and a tobacco firm is incentivising you not to read…

  • Achievements Quandary

    Xbox 360 achievements let you get points that total up to mean exactly nothing. Hence, I feel no obligation to play games for achievements and even feel a little disgusted with myself for playing games with achievements. Hence, I don’t want to play Xbox 360 games. However… I also get a feeling whenever I’m playing…

  • 360 Hangovers

    My face feels like it’s stuck to the pillow, and there’s a ringing in my ears that isn’t just the alarm. I vaguely remember dreaming about fighting a knight in a train, then eating some chokeberries. I drag my head up and the instant headache and scummy mouth is so repugnant, I assume I must…