Month: January 2016

  • Far Cry Primal preview: a familiar game with a Tomb Raider twist | TechRadar

    Far Cry Primal isn’t, on this showing, a smart or an innovative game. It’s definitely more of the same with a new skin, much like Blood Dragon was, but without that expandalone’s cheesy humour. What it does have is a new old world to explore, a visceral proximity to its killings and an unusual, simple story […]

  • Motorbikes and teamwork in Homefront's Resistance mode – PC Gamer

    Fun! I’m doing a wheelie down a ruined high street at high speed, totally unable to tell where I’m going, while heavily armed North Koreans spray machine gun fire at me. This is the best motorcycle game I’ve ever played and it’s not a motorcycle game. I drop my iron steed out of the wheelie just […]

  • Steam Spy: You don’t know Sergey Galyonkin | SMTG

    You don’t know Sergey Galyonkin. His childhood in the Ukraine, his Olympic success, his life in Cyprus, his work behind the scenes at Wargaming. All this is of no interest to you – and why would it be? But what Sergey does in his spare time – a persona called Steam Spy – has developers […]

  • My 2015

    My 2015

    When people I’ve not seen for a while ask me ‘what are you working on right now?’, I give them this kind of glassy look that says ‘how long do you have?’ It’s this kind of look: // This has been a hard, good year. Apart from coping with a new baby, I’ve probably worked for […]

  • Generation Proc – Maximum PC

    Generation Proc – Maximum PC

    A piece I did for Maximum Piece about how games have learned from art, music, and math—and how the world might learn from games. “And on the third day, God made the world. And He saw that it was quite crummy. And He then looked at the other worlds that He’d made, and thought, “They suck […]