Month: June 2008

A made-up face that speaks of hours in a frilly bedroom dancing around to hair brushes, giggly from half a glass of stolen wine. What’s she doing in the city at two in the morning, with her mate begging the bus fare from a stuttering banker? Yeah, she says. With her huge eyes, soft face, […]

Dark Roasted Blend: Mystery Photo: One Seriously Empowered Motorcycle. A knocked-up Vespa with a recoilless M20 rifle on top, used by the French to suppress the natives the world over. Surprisingly effective, apparently. Joe Dredd wannabes can probably make their own fairly easily.

Lookspring » Ralph Baer changed my Powerpoint Margaret Robertson’s powerpoint show from NGLD is a good basic summary of the challenges facing modern game developers – she’s actually bothered to think rather than throwing her hands up in disgust and shame like so many of us (me included).