Month: May 2008

  • Ladybird Lovers #3

    Ladybird Lovers #3, originally uploaded by Hot Grill. Sorry about the recent silence on here – soon to be rectified, as soon as I rebuild my frazzled PC.

  • Seasonal Affairs

    Well, here we are. The rain’s falled in love with my window and left sickles of watery kisses all over it and its romantic sister, cold, has started to make inroads on me. I can feel her flirting as I sit here, running long frosty fingers across my flanks, paying careful attention to my knuckles, […]

  • Large Jam Collider

    CERN Podcast | Chris Morris Chris Morris, creator of the Day Today, Blue Jam, etc, in front of some crazy bit of kit at Cern in Geneva, where humanity’s first black hole is going to happen. Thanks to brother Dov.

  • The Comic Strip : G.L.C. The Carnage Continues (4of 4) The main reason why you should vote for Ken Livingstone today is his portrayal in this classic Comic Strip. He’s played by Robbie Coltrane playing Charles Bronson playing Ken.