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  • A Room With A Private View

    A Room With A Private View, originally uploaded by Hot Grill. I think this is in Slough… If you know for certain, you’re a betjeman than I…

  • Out Of The Ocean

    Bioshock: Why 2K Boston Aren’t Making BioShock 2 2K Boston, with help from 2K Australia, made BioShock. And what a great game it was. But they’re not making BioShock 2. Somebody else is. Why somebody else and not 2K Boston? Ken Levine (pictured, emerging from the ruins of Rapture clutching the last remaining…Coke Zero!) explains:…

  • The Warslow Beef Restival 2008

    My creation, originally uploaded by Hot Grill.1. The Last Thing The Field Mouse Sees, 2. Possibly The Most Beautiful Flower Ever, 3. God, Macro Flowers Are Great., 4. The Cutest Dog In The World, 5. Foxglove Cascade, 6. Linen Flowers, 7. Butterfly Flower, 8. Dov’s Schnozz, 9. Bad Barman, 10. The Cutey, 11. Farm Fun,…

  • Ladybird Lovers #3

    Ladybird Lovers #3, originally uploaded by Hot Grill. Sorry about the recent silence on here – soon to be rectified, as soon as I rebuild my frazzled PC.

  • Large Jam Collider

    CERN Podcast | Chris Morris Chris Morris, creator of the Day Today, Blue Jam, etc, in front of some crazy bit of kit at Cern in Geneva, where humanity’s first black hole is going to happen. Thanks to brother Dov.