Month: December 2007

  • Why I am not a vegetarian (work in progress)

    After a discussion with my brother as to why I still eat (free-range) meat, I came up with the following. Criticism and arguments welcome in the comments please! Principles The most important thing in any life is to be free from pain The next most important thing in any life is to have your desires […]

  • Caption Competition

    Log: “You’re all on TV!”Dov: “Blimey, you can house my sea from here.”Boss Nonnu: “Open the pod bay doors, Hal”Meerling: Hillary Clinton’s rejuvenation deemed a success. “Now I’m as pretty as Obama!”Dov: “The fumes bring on a state of euphoria before overcoming the victims”Me: *New!* The Bad-Taste Pod can defend against the most awful decor. […]