That Ram Raider Chappy

The RAM Raider: Future Publishing Readership Goes From “Strength” To “Strength”

Xbox 360:
Officially Corrupt Xbox 360 Magazine: 65,673 (gaining 22,993 readers)
Xbox World 360: 30,296 (gaining 7,113 readers)

“We’re delighted to be leading Future Publishing’s assault on traditional moral values by definitively proving once and for all that honesty is not the best policy,” said a spokesperson for Officially Corrupt Xbox 360 Magazine, yesterday. “These results conclusively demonstrate that lying to our readers, reviewing unfinished code, and awarding artificially high scores in exchange for advertising payments does pull in readers.”

An interesting alternate viewpoint on Future Publishing’s position in the games industry is available over at the Ram Raider’s site. We’ve never taken any money for coverage or high scores (when I’ve overscored it’s been through stupid enthusiasm rather than evil corruption), or reviewed code we’ve been told isn’t okay to review from, and I personally have never lied to the readers knowingly, but I found the article fun and a refreshing take on the games industry. I’d highly recommend clicking through to read the next paragraph after this one… 😉

Burgeoning Ego does not endorse his comments, nor does it condone the language employed or agree with the statements therein. (Yes, I’m really scared of getting in trouble for merely referring to this, but this is fair comment, surely?! I’m allowed to refer to other people’s comments on my magazine, aren’t I? On a completely different note, the paranoiac stress inculcated by living in a seeming panopticon where any misstep might lead to an eternity of pain and suffering could really get a man down, couldn’t it? He says, theorising, apropos nothing.)

(And, no, I’m not the fucking Ram Raider, though I’d like to know who is, just to put me out of my misery.)

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  1. grilly

    yeah but maybe directing your readers to something so critical of your organisation isn’t such a good idea, from a purely business point of view? which is perhaps the view some of your colleagues might take?but hey, at least your readership has gone up. can’t argue with that.


  2. Grill

    They might do, yeah. I’m half-minded to take it down. But there’s no point pretending it’s not there and it does say that we’re doing well. I deny the corruption charges and just take it in good humour. What more can I do?


  3. Iain

    I don’t read RAM Raider purely for one reason:If he genuinely detests the industry he works in so much, why not just get out? Is he utterly incapable of doing any other kind of job, or is he too lazy to find out? Honestly, what good does bitching about how shit your chosen industry is, but then still taking your pittance from the people you so clearly hate the guts of do?As people like to say in politics, the guy needs to put up or shut up.Either speak out publicly and challenge the system you work within, or just live with the status quo – preferably without accepting it in the office, but sounding off about it behind the anonymity of a nom de plume. Because that just makes RAMMY a total hypocrite.As for who he is (or who she is, let’s be even-handed here)… don’t know, and frankly, don’t care.


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