Month: August 2007

  • USB Stone

    That is is so sweet. I need to get me some resin to turn all my USB sticks into needlessly heavy stones. Powered by ScribeFire.

  • Automatic Stalinism Via Rossignol. I like the way you can automatically erase people from pictures. Imagine if we’d had this in the 30s and 40s, Stalin could have liquidated all those photo-erasing types with ease. Instant image manipulation is ripe for – imagine if this were in-camera and you could just point to the bit you […]

  • Stolen from the Stoa

    Philip Oltermann confers with some great brains about their guilty pleasures | Weekend | Guardian Unlimited Although I argue vehemently against modern pop music, on grounds of its musical incompetence, verbal impoverishment and general morbidity, narcissism and salaciousness; although I fiercely object to disco dancing as a sacrilege against the human form and a collective […]

  • BBC Blog Ban

    I appear to have been banned from posting comments on the Newsnight pages – though I’ve never posted one before AFAIK! Very odd. It just tells me “Your comment has not been allowed” which isn’t very helpful at all. Ho-hum. Well, i’ll just post it here then. “The BBC’s already lost the young generation – […]

  • Bioshock – the most Jewish game since the Shivah?

    Bioshock – the most Jewish game since the Shivah?

    So when I was sat reviewing Bioshock a month or more back, Ken Levine walked up behind me (it was just after that moment, so I understandably feeling charitable to this god in human form) and I asked him who he’d named Sander Cohen after, as the character was obviously Jewish (Cohen is about the […]