BBC Blog Ban

I appear to have been banned from posting comments on the Newsnight pages – though I’ve never posted one before AFAIK! Very odd. It just tells me “Your comment has not been allowed” which isn’t very helpful at all. Ho-hum. Well, i’ll just post it here then.

“The BBC’s already lost the young generation – they prefer to download all their media – and though the Beeb’s commercial arm is getting closer with its deal with the Bitorrent firm Azureus, it’s sad to see the main corporation not following. Why doesn’t the beeb simply put everything for free online? I’m sure it wouldn’t undermine the sales of their DVDs that much, as the two markets are fairly distinct, and it might even boost them the way iTunes sales and internet radio has boosted the sales for CD sales. At the moment, the BBC has a reputation as a well-meaning but dusty organisation that’s technologically crippled and confused about it’s purpose, as well as being overwhelmed by bureaucracy. It must move online and use free content to drive people to its commercial wing, not cripple its public service side for the benefit of the commercial side.”

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