Hot Summer

What a way to spend a Saturday. My acrophobia agoraphobia caught up with me again this weekend, and I found it almost impossible to leave the house. I kind of reflect it when I dress, veering between completely black clothing and bright pink Hawaiian shirts twinned with green-grey combat shorts. The nearest I got to getting outside was climbing out of my window to sunbath on the scaffolding, which allows me to exit without having to see people. Even then, I get a hit of anthropomorphizing paranoia every time the curtains billow out of the window over my head, seeing a great muumuu-ed figure leaning over me… at least when you’re mad, you’re never alone.

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  1. Chiarina

    grill, are you really acrophobic? pavements aren’t high….are you sure not a touch of agoraphobia maybe? get it right, it’s your phobia! xxx


  2. Grill

    Damn spell-checking tool. It convinced me I’d spelled agoraphobia incorrectly. Just like now it convinced me that “spelt” was wrong too. Grr. Incidentally, I am scared of Agoras too, after that incident with Plato and the shadow-puppets.


  3. Grill

    Though actually, now I think about I am scared of high places. And I’m not actually sacred of going out, I just find when I’m in that state I can’t deal with people, don’t want to anyway, and just babble crap when I do have to talk. It’s probably closer to social anxiety than anything else.


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