Life Update 27/07/07

Beer Festival
My mum and step-dad organised a food & drink festival in their village up north, Warslow, round the corner from Alton Towers. We had 21 kegs, 1700 pints, all of which got drunk, 300 sossies (40kg), 14 kg of ribs, 120 burgers, all of which was eaten, an enormous marquee. I think I may have served most of that, and eaten & drunk about half of it myself. Father Dimitri recorded it all on his old dv cam which he then gave me (footage to come. It was amazingly good. They took £5000 home at the end of the evening. Then they were made to give it back.

I’m dating a girl called Maria Vassilopoulos. She’s lovely and stuff. Look.

Hiding Maria

I went over to review Bioshock. I had to run to the airport, so didn’t have any clothes with me, leaving me stinking for three days until I eventually broke and ran to the nearest H&M. I now have new clothes! Everything works out that this is the best of all possible worlds. Bioshock is ace but I’m not allowed to talk about it.


I now live in Finsbury Park, for at least another month. It’s great.

Medal of Honor Airborne
I went and stood in a field and jumped out of a plane repeatedly, shouting one, one thousand, two, one thousand, three.., before bracing for impact (crouching like you’re dying to crap) and then. I also learned to walk in rhythm, something I now find myself doing whenever my brain’s vacated.

Private Grill

I drank lots recently. Maria has called me alcoholic. I also met this Joshua feller near the pub. He really got nailed.
Pepsi Refreshes 9/10 Messiahs

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  1. grilly

    i notice from your language that you’ve been reading quite a lot of ‘qwantz’ recently. can you confirm this?


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