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GalCiv 2 War Report

My family did the whole Easter thing a week early this year, for reasons that you’d have to be a Francis to ever truly understand, so I had no religious festivals this bank holiday weekend. So I felt I owed it to the risen corpse of Jesus Christ himself to spend the lion’s share of it conquering a vast galaxy in my boxer shorts.

If you’ve ever played a strategy game. Galactic Civilisations is the best Civ game I’ve ever played and I recommend it to anyone who likes losing days of their life. My friend Tom Francis has written an excellent ramble extolling its virtues; go, read.

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  1. Iain

    GalCiv2 is fab. The starship creator is almost a game in itself. I love taking scout-class hulls and just bolting on all those random bits of purely aesthetic hull plating until it’s the size of the Death Star. And then putting lights everwhere… It has absolutely no effect on the gameplay mechanics at all, but it’s just so satisfying to be able to make the most useless of ships look really cool.


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